What is PHP?

About PHP

The acronym PHP is derived from “Hypertext Pre-processor”. PHP is a widely used and very popular scripting language on the Web. It is server-side language which means it gets executed on the server and not on the user’s computer. The results are then displayed on the user’s browser. PHP has enormous functionality. You can use it to create login pages, create forums, image galleries, surveys and validate forms among many other things.

Where is PHP used?

PHP is used to create the dynamic content or images on websites and applications.

PHP offers several powerful benefits:
  • Support for a large amount of databases: Writing a database-enabled web page is easy – just use one of the database specific extensions like MySQL.
  • PHP is open source and platform independent.
  • Supports third-party libraries and has third-party framework availability.
  • Extremely secure and easily scalable.
  • PHP has support for the WDDX complex data exchange between virtually all Web programming languages.
  • Many websites use PHP as a server-side scripting language and as a result, there is support from a large developer community.
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