Tips to Find and Build the Right Team for Your Project

Without teamwork or its efforts, even the most brilliant entrepreneurs cannot scale from an idea to actualized success or a tangible product.

There is so much work to handle that one individual can’t accomplish the task. There is a team.

And as a result, whether you’re a startup or an established company, it’s critical to build your team to stay competitive in your industry.

This is particularly true for the Software industry, where the skill, diligence, and talent of your team will make or break your project in an ecosystem of heavy competition and tight deadlines.

Many firms currently contemplate outsourcing for various reasons, including increased efficiency, cost savings, filling technical skill gaps, and business expansion. However, this is only achievable if you Build the right team.

Outsourcing and finding the right team for your business needs seems like a trouble. That said, choosing the best outsourcing location necessitates considerable research and complete information regarding quality standards, service costs, and the IT ecosystem as a whole.

There are certain things you should know or research beforehand that would help you decide to hire an appropriate outsourced tech team for your business.

Seven Things You Need to Know When Finding & Building Your Team

1. History of Business

Well, start with thorough research about the company’s background. By digging the history of a company, you will have a fair idea of their products & services like –

  • The way they work
  • How satisfied their clients are
  • Technologies they use
  • Strength of employees
  • Technology certifications
  • Industry recognition
  • Physical locations and more

You can easily estimate their reputation if you have information about their former projects and the companies they have connections with.

Go through their previous projects and try to find out if there is anything similar to your needs.

For example, if you want to design a website for your business, then search the areas of their expertise related to web designing, some case studies, and a portfolio of projects successfully commenced.

2. The Technology They Use

Find out the technologies that they use while they work on different projects. Your needs may be updated or new, instead of the older one that leading outsourcing agencies still use.

For example, if you want to build a web application, check if they use the old technologies like .PHP and .NET or have other options like Meteor, Magento, Ruby on Rails, and Python to meet your future customization needs.

3. Open Communications

Communication is one of the most significant factors for a successful outsourcing venture. Look for ways you can communicate with your team whenever you want through Phone, Emails, VoIP, Skype, and more. Make sure that you and your expected team members understand each other’s plans and goals without any language barrier.

The ideas like designs, workflows, images, etc. that you have in your mind – make sure to convey them properly. It is good to have adequate documentation for this. It is also required to stay in touch with your team to get status updates regularly. For project management, you would feel the need to know their development methodology and process of working. So, comprehend and apply it properly.

4. The Price and the Budget

It varies with different companies that usually charge according to a flat per hour rate. The calculations are made according to the time required to work on the project, the number of resources and team members involved, delivery deadline, the complexity of the project, and some other factors.

Hence, it is essential to know the standard hourly prices in the market and an estimated timeline of your project before making a budget and choosing an agency.

5. The Dream Team

When you have a team to work on your product, it is important to know about the capabilities of your team in terms of strength, efficiency, availability, experience, and knowledge to benefit your product in numerous ways.

Outsourcing companies developing and getting projects regularly are considered reasonable, trustworthy, experienced, while indicating their high market proficiency. Interact with the team you are going to work with before making a decision.

Quick Plug: Netsmartz helps you pick your team from a pre-vetted pool of elite engineers. You can rest assured that your code and project is of a better quality.

You must feel comfortable and easy to work with the developers, project managers, and a technical lead. Try to fix a stable time according to the time zone of your country and personal needs.

6. Delivery of Project

Fix a deadline for your project and make sure that everyone involved does their part on a timely basis. Before starting a project, talk about the different strategic approaches with the team to deal with unexpected delays.

There is a possibility of technical discrepancies at any time, so make sure their availability and support in the future. Apart from these things, it is also good to have a contract mentioning all the guidelines, rules, and costs, etc., signed beforehand with the company.

7. Ability to Turn Mistakes Into Success

Obstacles are a part of every team handling projects. Clients and upper management may not always give you the best directions. Sometimes, you might find your team working overtime due to multiple projects. However, an effective project team will be able to deal with such challenges in a productive manner. Individual team members will be able to lean on other team members even if they are burned out.

The best you can accomplish as a project owner or manager is to demonstrate steady leadership that cares about its people:

  • Perform self-evaluations and evaluations
  • Remember to acknowledge and praise good behavior.
  • Invite your team to work on project planning and breakdown structures with you collaboratively.
  • After a project, take some time to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned and analyze your project management tool data.
  • Take out some time out of your busy schedule to celebrate, especially when you’ve hit a milestone or completed a project effectively.

To Conclude

We hope that the information shared with you here related to outsourcing the project and things to consider while selecting an appropriate team for your product would prove helpful for you. If you still have questions that are not answered here, we are just a call away.


Tips to Find and Build the Right Team for Your Project
Anup Mehrotra
Published on
November 2, 2021

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