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Why You Should Have a Mobile App That Ensures the Safety of User Data

Published: January 8, 2018
Why You Should Have a Mobile App That Ensures the Safety of User Data

Various online app distributors such as Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store and third-party marketplaces have made their way to the dominant form of delivering value to the users worldwide. Either it is about playing games, getting turn-by-turn directions, accessing news, books, weather or more; one would look for innovative apps that will become a part of their everyday life. John Ogden General Manager

The Boom is Here, There and Everywhere

Thousands of new mobile apps hit the market almost every week. Besides, corporate organizations have also started embracing the usefulness of mobile apps to enhance the productivity of the employees. However, is there any certainty that these mobile apps are really secure and protected from the malicious hackers? You just cannot deny the fact that thousands of hackers are working hard to phish for user information and to implant the malware.

This has triggered the app developers to be more vigilant about the security to protect the users. Undeniably, it is of utmost importance to ensure the integration of safety into the interface. Of course, users also want to be certain about the safety of the application especially when it asks them for their personal details, such as account password and user name.

The Devastation is Serious

A growing number of both the small and large organizations have fallen victim to cyber attackers, thus resulting in data breaches as well as hefty financial losses. After all, the safety and the security of sensitive information is a primary concern. Thus, the organizations need to go to huge lengths to assure the customers that their information is safe with them.

Situation Under Control

If you are planning to have a mobile app developed for your business to serve your customers or an app that is meant for entertainment, productivity, personalization and utilities, you need to ensure that the app will be safe for users as well as your interests. We have summarized few tips that will help you to get a mobile app developed that promises the safety of user data, encryption and abide by the terms & conditions of the app markets.

Do not use code from other developers

Although it takes time to develop an app from the scratch, yet the app developers need not to do so especially when so much free code is available. The hackers usually come with the intention to create the code just in a hope that the developers will pick it up to use in their apps. This enables them to have access to any information that they want once the app is released and downloaded on user’s devices.

Plan for data caching vulnerability

Mobile devices are different from the standard laptops just in a fact that these store short-term information for as long as possible to increase the speed. Owing to the tendency of the hackers to access the cached information much conveniently, these mobile devices are more susceptible to security breaches. Setting a password to use an app is an inconvenient option that can hurt the popularity of your app. Thus, the developers can work on these vulnerabilities by programming the cache to automatically get wiped every time the mobile device reboots.

Invest in good encryption

The continuous advancement in technology has made the decades-old encryption algorithms to end up being obsolete and easier to crack. Thus, if the developers are planning to use weak encryption, the sensitive information will always be at risk. Usually, the apps require the users to add in their personal information including credit card numbers. It is best to invest in some good encryption in order to have the app in the top list and trusted by its users for the safety of their personal information.

What if the mobile device is lost or stolen?

Although app developers cannot prevent the mobile devices from being stolen, yet implementing a local session time out code can be a big help.

Follow multiple methods of software testing

Right from regression testing, exploratory testing to automated testing, it is of a great significance that multiple methods of software testing are followed to find and eradicate bugs.

Make use of prototyping

In case a particular function is added or a feature gets failed, prototyping can help to keep track of the progress. The application development process can be easily picked up from the last successful prototype.

Develop application for a variety of mobile devices

It is of utmost importance that the app is developed to work seamlessly on a variety of mobile devices. In case, the application does not support a particular range of devices, the name of those devices needs to be mentioned in the application description.

Ensure a safe transit

The apps that deal with the sensitive user information connect back to the server. Thus, it is important to make sure that the transit is safe. Various methods such as encryption and SSL certificates can be used to provide such type of security.

Indeed, it is a great option to seek assistance from the highly experienced mobile app development professionals or a company if you are looking for developing a secure mobile app.

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