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What Can You Outsource When Starting a Business?

Published: September 14, 2018
What Can You Outsource When Starting a Business?

You can outsource, or delegate, virtually every internal business process and operations to a third party, and in many instances, at a lower cost and higher quality. You may have already seen many businesses who rely on outsourcing services, such as deliveries by courier companies, inventory and storage, finance and human resource, software development, and more. Businesses outsource those processes that are not strategic, yet needs to be done to manage the business operations effectively.

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Nowadays, “pay as you go” models, coupled with no upfront investment costs, make outsourcing a compelling solution when starting a new business. Thus, when it comes to finding which processes and functions you can outsource when starting a business, the experts have helped by listing many strategically because of the available solutions that yield results. They are –

Business in the Cloud

We aren’t talking about taking your business to heights that touched the clouds. It is the technology which allows a business to become accessible from anywhere, at any time, through data stored on servers at a remote location. The data is stored securely and allows instant insights into areas of your business, allowing you to make informed decisions. It is like using computing resources (hardware and software) as a service over the Internet and is billed according to your usage. The benefit of this tech is that you no longer need capital for investment in technology. It can be accessed via web browsers or a lightweight desktop or mobile app. Take your business global, automate your business processes, and see how your overall business is performing at any instant. Developing your business application and hosting it on the cloud is something you should be outsourcing if you are a new entry in the market.

Outsourcing Manufacturing

Starting a business with your manufacturing unit is a significant endeavor and needs several resources to function, including a plant facility, manufacturing equipment, and hiring workers. All of this requires a lot of capital. Companies are now capitalizing on outsourcing manufacturing and assembly work to offshore companies resulting in significant cost saving. If your business is based on products, you can get them manufactured in no time from global manufacturers. Companies located in Asia are playing a crucial role for such needs.

Online Marketing

You want your new business to look good on search engines and social networks, that is something everyone wants. You want to establish your business as a top brand which yields top dollars for you. This means that you would need a team of experts to handle and manage all your sales and marketing activities online as well as offline. The most feasible option is to outsource your online marketing to a digital marketing company who will take care of everything for you, including social media marketing, online branding, product launches, promotional campaigns, online ads for leads generation, and even serve as customer support for online queries.

Outsourcing Human Resources

There are companies that can manage all the human resource functions for your new business venture. Outsourcing human resource will include many aspects such as hiring, payroll management, framing HR policies and compliances. When you start a new business, you do not want to spend a lot on such tasks; instead, you should be focusing on your core strengths to take your business to the next level. Outsourcing Human Resources is a good option to achieve that.

Finance and Accounting

Unless you are starting a huge venture that will serve to numerous clients from all across the globe and need a full-time Chief Finance Officer with a team of finance specialist, it is wise to make use of highly qualified finance and back office accounting firms operating in the market. The biggest cost of your finance and accounting is the staff, including hiring and retaining qualified people. Thus, delegating this business process can result in significant cost savings for your new business.

Look at the successful businesses. They have always focused on what they do best and outsourced the rest. For example, companies such as Apple do not manufacture their products, they outsource the manufacturing of their product’s components and focus on design and innovation. One thing you should learn from here is when you want your business to run successfully, select the operations and outsource it!

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