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Here are the Top Video Trends to Help Shape Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2018

Published: March 29, 2018
Top Video Trends to Help Shape Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2018

With the continuous evolution of technology and search engine updates, marketers are forced to breaking through existing boundaries to keep their customers engaged online. If you are not aware of the latest trends in online content marketing, you are unable to market to your clientele in such a way that your brand will be recognized. It is vital to keep up to date with the latest content marketing trends and explore which tools you need to get the best results. After all, content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that is highly focused on creating and distributing relevant content to your target audience.

Video marketing is one of the most important and the fastest growing trends in digital content marketing. Kevin VP – Digital Marketing Have a look at two very important statistics based on multiple studies: 48% of marketers planning to add or keep YouTube on their marketing plan in 2018 and 46% plan to add Facebook video. If you have been reluctant in recording and posting video in the past, it is the high time to add it to your online profiles. Fortunately, you can make professional looking videos without the need of an expensive camera or a high-tech editing software, which saves you a lot of time and money. All you need is a smartphone, a phone tripod and a social media account to make quality videos that can do wonders for your brand. Additionally, you can also use tools found online to help you edit and market those videos easily.

It’s a fact that video is the future of content marketing. By 2019, videos will make up 80% of all internet traffic. In fact, 64% of marketers admit that their content marketing strategies will soon be dominated by video. Now is the time to deliver on-demand user experiences to your customers by incorporating video into your sales process.

Additionally, utilizing video in your content marketing efforts will have a significant impact on your search engine optimization services. It will allow you to use keywords in your titles, tags and description for any video that you create. It also allows you to transcribe the video and put the transcription on the web page, which will only help improve SEO efforts.

If you are already heavily involved in video marketing and advertising, then it is very important to pay attention to the latest trends in shaping your content marketing strategy in 2018. If you are not, you still should look at the trends and become familiar with them.

Live Streaming is rapidly becoming the norm

Have you ever heard of Periscope? It allows you to broadcast and explore the world through live video. Whether it is breaking news, exploring new places, or information about specific people, it allows you to broadcast everything the camera sees in real-time. The use of Periscope has exponentially increased businesses tendency toward using live videos. In addition, daily Facebook video watch time has also increased fourfold since April of 2016 and it has managed to continue deepening its dominance. Broadcasting live is becoming the best way to connect and interact with target customers through its transparency and live video marketing.

More inclined toward branded video content

Solid brand video content will help your audience identify and relate to your business at a more personal level. After all, it puts a face to a company name and enables the customer to understand the nature of your business. Views on branded content distributed on Facebook have increased 258% since April 2016, while views on sponsored content hosted on YouTube increased 99%. The number of uploads for these sponsored videos keep increasing every year. As you can see, branded content is proving to be the most credible way to access your target audience in this technology-driven world.

Fix video advertising troubles

Video advertising holds so much promise. Sadly, it has had its share of difficulties over the past few years. Ranging from a dearth of choice ad spots to a surplus of fraud ads, many things have hampered its growth. If you watch a video on the desktop, you will often see a pre-roll ad, or an ad shown before your chosen content video runs.

You do not see them as often on mobile devices as many publishers are reluctant to puts ads in front of their video content on the smaller screens. There are many reasons why, such as short attention spans on small screens to worries about bandwidth or difficulty seeing relevant information in miniature. Despite these issues, many companies want to work with their customers to make video advertising more relevant and therefore, less of an annoyance.

Overall, video marketing will rock your digital world. Video has become a must-have piece of content distribution strategy and those who can contribute to multiple kinds of media will be in higher demand. Content pros will have to make video marketing a part of their skill set to get the pertinent information out to the choice audience quickly and efficiently.

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