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The Cloud as a Winning Solution for Productivity and Innovation

Published: March 16, 2018

Cloud computing was once considered a disruptive force in the world of technology. However, its adaption is quite normal nowadays. With an increasing tendency among companies to establish a formal cloud strategy, the industry as a whole has grown quite rapidly. Its ability to provide its users with more speed and flexibility, has made cloud technology a winning solution that accelerates productivity and innovation in both the private and public sectors. Vikas Katoch VP – IT Services

Even for various small businesses, not to mention large, cloud computing has delivered uncountable benefits to them both. From data disasters back up, cyber security to a great capability for data processing, and storage to outsource IT services with flexible access, it has enabled businesses to go nearly paperless, eventually creating efficient business processes.

In 2015, statistically speaking, only 8% of businesses indicated that they were not interested in the cloud or that had plans to adapt it. It was also predicted that over the next six years, 90% of those who spend more time on the internet and communication technologies, will be on cloud-based services.

To simplify things, it is best to break down “cloud” concept into two parts: data storage and data access. Cloud computing allows you to store your data in multiple data centers rather than storing it simply on your local computer. In addition, it also allows you access to the data through the internet anywhere and at any time.

Have you ever wondered why so many businesses are leaning towards cloud? Well, cloud computing works its best to increase efficiency, thus improving cash flow. Have a quick look at some of the benefits you can expect when shifting to the cloud:

Robust disaster recovery

Number of small businesses can now implement the cloud based backup and recovery solutions that saves time and avoids large up-front investment.

Cuts the high cost

Cloud computing has simplified costs by cutting out hardware. Plans include pay as you go or allow you to enjoy a subscription-based model that will simplify your budget and cash flow.

Be at work – from anywhere

Do you have an internet connection? Cloud computing will let you work from anywhere. Eventually, the businesses will come up with flexible working perks to the employees so that they can enjoy the work life balance without compromising with the productivity.

Get rid of the problem of lost laptops

Lost laptops trigger a loss of the sensitive data inside them. With cloud computing, you’re ensured much greater security should that happen. If you have your data stored in the cloud and not on the laptop, you can access it anytime, no matter what happens to your machine.

Have access to enterprise class technology

With access to enterprise class technology, cloud computing enables various businesses to act faster than the established competitors do.

Cloud computing is rapidly becoming a mainstream delivery model for IT. It has become the winner’s solution to access servers, storage, databases and a broad network of application services over the internet.

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