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Microsoft Dynamics: solutions to provide operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

Microsoft Dynamics can help you connect the different facets of your business including field service, logistics, sales, marketing and customer service to create strong operational efficiencies and cultivate superior customer relationships. It also improves your return on investment, general customer satisfaction and business intelligence. Whether it is partners, sales channels, distributors, service providers or retailers everybody benefits. Telecommunications is a complex business and Microsoft Dynamics helps to create a strong customer-facing focus while reducing its inherent complexity.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions For Telecommunication - Netsmartz

Detailed view of pre-sales and post-sales activities

Remote wireless communication and the latest web technology to integrate systems

We implement Microsoft Dynamics solutions for communication technology companies with features integral to the industry. Solutions encompass complete multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-company systems that give a detailed, integrated view of pre-sales and post-sales effort and activities for each client.

Get an integrated view of your telecom business

Microsoft Dynamics NAV For Telecom Business - Netsmartz
Remote wireless communication and the latest web technology to integrate systems

Our solutions use the most recent web technologies to facilitate the integration of systems whether within the company, client based or with suppliers and partners. Remote wireless communication is used to connect field service, sales and logistics which leads to increased operational efficiency.

Microsoft Dynamics For E-commerce and Extranet Functionality - Netsmartz

Sell and connect online

E-commerce and extranet functionality

The solution we implement can include e-commerce functionality for web sales and an extranet for suppliers, partners and clients. This leads to better communication, no information lag and increases productivity.

Offer personalized care to customers

Interact with customers on different channels, get valuable insights

Microsoft Dynamics allows your customers to engage with you in diverse ways of their choice – whether it is speaking to you on the phone, through email, web self-service and social media. Collect information about customers and transactions from different systems and databases and store it in a single repository. Exploit strong reporting and analytical capabilities to measure effectiveness of promotions and customer spending patterns.

B2B Sales & Relationship Management with Microsoft Dynamics - Netsmartz

Add efficiency to your sales cycle

Streamline sales activities and shorten sales cycles

We implement Microsoft Dynamics so you can streamline B2B sales and relationship management. Opportunities for cross-selling, up-selling are thrown up and you can shorten sales cycles considerably by streamlining sales activities. Order accuracy, pricing consistency, quotations etc. are maintained which helps retain customers. Target new offers effectively and manage service deliveries better.

Business data with actionable insights

Powerful Business Intelligence

Analyze metrics fast and get actionable insights on all your business data. Finance, Marketing, Sales, Customer Care and Operations teams can access and use valuable business information displayed clearly through visual tools and real-time reports and make faster and better decisions. Business numbers can be evaluated easily to help define optimum pricing, avoid market saturation and identify new opportunities. KPIs can be analyzed to gauge business performance by way of intuitive dashboards and new customer retention initiatives can be initiated and tracked.

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