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Resure is a real estate company that powers realtors with smart technology and provides impact-driven tech solutions to the real estate industry secure and high-utility applications. The organization is a strong player in the real estate industry and is bringing a cutting edge solution to property management for seamless compliance and transaction.

The Team

Project Highlights

To deliver the complete real estate transaction management solution replete with functionality:

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The Challenge

Real estate as an industry has a lot of inertia and slow moving parts. To this end, Resure wanted to deliver a solution that is comprehensive and holistic enough to manage a Realtor’s management requirements – including transactions, contract management, and secure compliance through an all-encompassing dashboard.

The Solution

Cover all aspects of Transaction Security for Access, Authorization, Data in Motion and Data Storage. Build a visual dashboard that provides Maximum Situational Awareness and Transaction Progress (Who, What, When, Where, Why).

Easy to Read Colorful Dashboard
Fully Responsive
Minimal & Clean

The Result

We crafted an application that Tracks Progress and “RE-Sures” Correct & Compliant Execution of the Real Estate Transaction and builds Lightening offers for Rapid & Automatic Contract creation when viewing Property. Additionally, Netsmartz also worked on creating a Compressed Contract View that provides seamless reference functionality along with document navigation and better document control.


With a hands-on approach to the solution, Netsmartz decided to segment the software development into different steps –

  • Brainstorming and requirement mapping per the features for the road map of the project.
  • Team deployment to work on the application providing development services, QA, and project management to deliver the application.
  • We first start with the visual dashboard providing maximum situational awareness and transaction progress (who, what, when, where, why).
  • Then we start working on the track’s progress and “re-sures” correct & compliant execution of the real estate transaction.
  • We build a document outline view in hierarchical format for convenient reference.


Key Features / Integrations

  • Transaction Advisor
  • Real transaction Dashboard
  • Lightening Offers
  • Template Based Autofill
  • Compressed Contract View
  • Industry Best Security

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