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The Company

Original Works

The organization is a fundraising company based out of New York – with a growing scale of operations and requirements pertaining to engineering and development talent. Their goal was to enhance their site’s custom functionalities and improve its ease of use. The PoC is the Director of Systems Development & Strategy at the firm.


Project Highlights

Netsmartz LLC was hired to assist in the site’s migration to Magento 2.

Their website had initially been created by a small group of developers and they quickly outgrew their abilities. They had moved around between developers for a few years trying to find a good fit for managing their increased business operations and scale, and continue to provide enhanced ease of use for their customers.

This is where Netsmartz plugged in their expertise and their services to help them grow.

challenges facing

The Challenge

Scale the Project to accommodate the growing operations and volume of customers.

Solutions provided

The Solution

Two project managers, a software engineer as well a variety of team members were deployed.


The Result

A scalable and efficient eCommerce storefront that helped operations grow even through Covid lockdown

Scope of Work

We started with a Discovery meeting followed by a review of the client’s current code by our development team at Netsmartz. Milestones were set up at that time in line with the client’s goals. We held weekly meetings as well as Milestone meetings to review what had been completed and was ready for testing and deployment.

  • We provided a milestone document as well as a breakdown of work being done at every stage.
  • The team ensured constant tracking and communication.
  • Anticipated and mapped any issues with requests and made frequent suggestions to enhance the site.


Key Achievements

  • 24/7 Communication and Collaboration even across timezones
  • Better mapping and Quicker iterations by the team
  • Definitive Quality of work at a Better cost for the project
  • On-Demand resource availability to scale the project when needed
  • A complete suite of resources deployed on-demand – Project manager, Developers, Magento Experts

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