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The Company

Benchmark Education Company

The firm is an educational publishing company is based out of New Rochelle, New York – with about 1000 employees. Their goal was to build a flexible, secure eCommerce site with a great UX design. The PoC is the product manager at the firm.


Project Highlights

Netsmartz LLC was hired for our expertise with the Magento Cloud Commerce Platform to build the firm an eCommerce site that would be flexible, secure, and provide their customers and prospects a great user experience.

challenges facing

The Challenge

Introduce a Quality of work, at a better cost per resource, per project, bring better scheduling and better project mapping, and ensure resource availability for the project

Solutions provided

The Solution

A Project Manager, a few developers, a senior designer, Technical Admin, QA were deployed on the project to bring tech expertise and fluid project management


The Result

An Enhanced eCommerce solution delivered on time and as per expectations

Scope of Work

The Ask was definitive. Build the firm an eCommerce platform on the cloud that would integrate with their ERP system for three different stores where a customer can share an account and session across all three stores. For this purpose, they required a fluid eCommerce site and a team with exceptional collaboration and programming skills.

  • We used JIRA for tracking work and most communication
  • Otherwise, scheduled calls, meetings, e-mails were used to map the development process
  • Communication from our PM was always informative and clearly expressed.


Key Notions

  • Clear and Informative Communication and Collaboration established that jumpstarted the progress
  • The client leveraged the team’s Magento Expertise for eCommerce website design and delivery
  • Flexible, secure eCommerce site with a great UX design crafted
  • Better Quality of work at a Better cost for the project
  • On-Demand resource availability ensured with a flexible engagement model
  • A complete suite of resources deployed and kept on-roll – QA, Project manager, Developers, Magento Experts

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