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Why You Need Google Penalty Assessment?
  • Are you seeing a sudden and steep drop in your website’s organic traffic due to unknown reason?
  • Is your website in compliance with the latest Google guidelines?
  • Do you think your website has received a penalty from the search engine?
  • Would you like to take curative measures for your website?

If you are experiencing any of these situations, then go for a Google Penalty Assessment for your website before it’s too late.


However, remember that you cannot blame one single factor for a drop in your website’s organic traffic. Multiple factors might be at work, whether individually or collectively. As a result you see a drop in the organic traffic. Some of these factors are mentioned below.

  1. Google Pigeon Penalty

  2. Google Penguin Penalty

  3. Google Panda Penalty

  4. Google Manual Penalty

  5. Malware

  1. Crawl Issues

  2. Robots.txt

  3. IP Blocks

  4. Seasonal Holiday Impacts

You need to recognize the factors behind the organic traffic loss and then take corrective measures to get it back. You will need professionals’ help for this purpose.

Google Penalties you need to know

Types of Google Penalties - Netsmartz Infographic
Why You Should Choose Netsmartz For Google Penalty Assessment?

At Netsmartz, we have experts to examine your website’s organic traffic for the past two years focusing on traffic flow during the updates. If your website has seen an algorithmic impact, then accordingly, it is handed over to the onsite or offsite experts for further investigation. Our experts perform a comprehensive analysis to recognize the possible issues and impacts in the website. You will get an all-inclusive report on the reasons that led to the traffic drop. Our professionals analyze for any algorithmic and manual penalties affecting your website. We aim to gain back your lost traffic through step-by-step processes and lay roadmaps to recover the website from Google penalty.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Our SEO Penalty Assessment & Recovery Services?
  • Get insight into factors that affected your search traffic
  • Obtain a Google Penalty recovery roadmap
  • Recover from the Penalty
  • Regain your search traffic and rankings
How We Help Clients Recover From The SEO Penalty?

Our dedicated team of experts focuses on finding the real reason(s) behind the penalty and then we begin with recover work. Our team of inbound marketing experts includes SEO experts, technology manager, and content writers.

Our Google Penalty Recovery Services include the following:

Netsmartz Google Penalty Recovery Services

Don’t wait until it’s too late for your website. Let us help.

Get your Google Penalty Assessment today.

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