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Remote Workforce – 5 Reasons Why it’s Better for Your Business?

Published: April 2, 2020
Business Benefits of Implementing Remote Workforce

From the global Coronavirus outbreak to countries’ lockdown to pandemic prevention, news sounds to resonate with the tone of work from remote positions. Thus, there is no surprise that the future of work is transforming and pointing towards remote work or remote workforce. What Do You Mean by Remote Work or Remote Workforce? No commute, no “sudden” bossy questions at your desk, no time-off requests, freedom to work from wherever you want in your own comfortable clothes… what’s not to admire about remote work? This perk has been trending across the globe today. Consequently, a large number of businesses are adopting it to reap business benefits. They are permitting office staff to work from the comfort of their locations they belong to, and some even hiring a full-time remote workforce. Remote Workforce Statistics for 2020 Here we have collected some important remote workforce statistics from the world’s most reputed survey reports. Have a look:

  • According to Owl Labs’ statistics report, there are 52% employees worldwide who work from their remote locations at least once per each week. And, 68% of global workers do remote work at least once per each month.
  • As per a survey report by Buffer, there is 44% of work staff who acknowledge that part of their workforce team is working remotely for full time.
  • According to Global Workplace Analytics, there are 4.7 million workforces (3.4% of the employees) who work from their remote locations at least half of every week.
  • Whereas 30% of employees do full-time remote work, 18% work from remote positions 1 to 3 times of a week – according to stats by Owl Labs.
So, what is the output? Will this remote workforce revolution be beneficial for your business? The answer is “Yes” – by the top most researchers of the world. This teleworking facility will amp up your business success in the following categories:
  • Higher Productivity — Researches state that remote workforces are up to 40% more productive than the workers working in offices, and have experienced a boost of at least 4.4% in business’ output. The reasons behind this productivity include the followings:
  •   Remote workers can more focus on their work as they are free to work from a remote and comfortable location where there is no distraction due to the office colleagues’ chat, meeting requests, etc.
  •   Teleworkers are free to work based on their own schedule. Thus, this flexibility adds more productivity to your business’ output and results in a more satisfied bottom line.
  •   With a flexible working pattern and the freedom to work remotely, the remote workers do not only feel valued, but also attain an improved work-life-balance.
  • Better Performance — A remote workforce works under strong self-control rules through position independence. This is the reason why such teleworkers produce an outcome with 40% less quality flaws. Furthermore, this enhanced performance of employees will boost your business’ overall performance.
  • Stronger Engagements — Both of these enhanced business productivity and employees’ performance generate a stronger engagement, or we can say that there will be drop of almost 41% in absenteeism.
  • Employees Retention — There are 54% of employees who replace their present employers with others who provide more work flexibility to them, that turns into a decline of an average 12% in turnover once after availing remote work contract. In other words, remote work agreement helps in enhancing employee retention rate. So, a business can avail work from their top talented remote workforce for longer.
  • Superior Profitability — Most of the companies and businesses save an average of $11,000 yearly for each part-time remote workforce, or in other words 21% superior profitability for a business.

  • At this moment, COVID-19 outbreak is producing market fluctuations that may bias these aforementioned stats significantly. In this global health emergency, more businesses are pivoting to a remote workforce. And, if you need to hire a talented workforce for your business, we are here to help you.

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