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Rapid Software Testing – A Fast and Economical Approach

Published: May 30, 2019

Rapid Software Testing (RST) is an approach to quickly test a software product in order to meet short delivery timelines. This strategy aims to focus on the critical software areas that might contain damaging defects. RST is a less expensive approach that entirely fulfills the software testing mission of a flawless software product delivery.

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Basically, RST is a combination of skills, knowledge, and logical understanding that is implemented practically. RST is often termed as “ownable”, which means that a tester is practicing his/her version of RST and has the full authority to change or enhance the process. The testers performing Rapid Software Testing are responsible for explaining what they are doing and are to stay accountable for each of their tasks.

Why use Rapid Software Testing?

The RST approach is important as it defines the goals of testing clearly and focuses on the areas that are otherwise not considered. Here are a few points that determine the use of RST for your software product.

  1. A software product is a combination of both emotional and rational thoughts:Yes, it’s true that software contains physical, logical and technical aspects, but it’s also important to understand that all these elements are dominated by human aspects of the end users such as psychology, cognition, and perception. A software product may be good from a developer’s view, but the end users might expect something else. Hence, quality software is a balanced combination of both technology and user perspective.
  1. Software delivery is under continuous pressure:Developing a software product involves some level of complexity and confusion. These complexities may take more time being solved and hence reduce the time allotment to other tasks. With the pressure to deliver work on time, RST can help reduce the testing time otherwise wasted in the documentation and focusing on less relevant software areas.
  1. It’s human to be careless and less experienced:Except for RST, all other testing methodologies consider software development to be a perfect process without human errors. But, RST considers that it is normal to have some human error and proceeds testing while considering this aspect.
  1. RST is a cost-effective and faster approach:RST is the least expensive software testing process that aims not only at testing but also considers testing every important aspect.
  1. Stay ethical towards clients and colleagues:This basic principle of RST focuses on clearly notifying the clients and the developers of all the bugs without suppressing anything. This is important to deliver a quality product while working on the possible weaker areas.

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With a simplified and faster approach, Rapid Software Testing turns out to be more effective. It aims at considering all the aspects that are otherwise ignored by other testing methodologies. With no documentation and writing of test cases, it is considered to be purely an art of logical understanding and knowledge.

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