Service Desk Agents

A good support desk software enables an agent to answer a high amount of customer requests quickly, effectively and, above all, transparently. Features for structuring and automatization, together with a clear overview, are the basic, but important requirements that HelpDeskSmartz has brought to perfection, providing the maximum flexibility and manifold configuration possibilities.

Clear overview and control with the agent dashboard

Maximum information and adaptability to your needs – that’s the essence of the agent dashboard of the open source service desk software HelpDeskSmartz . It’s composed of single widgets that can be rearranged, removed or added at any time.The top menu can even be organized via drag and drop. Above all, the HelpDeskSmartz agent dashboard offers the following features:

  • Overviews of new, open, watched, escalated or pending tickets, as well as running process tickets
  • Overviews that can be filtered flexibly according to priority, escalation time, SLA, service, or type.
  • Email notifications about new tickets and changes, enabling work outside of the agent interface
  • Ticket lock and unlock feature to prevent two agents from working on a ticket at the same time
  • Clear and traceable assignment of owners and individuals responsible for working on tickets
  • Currently supports 36 languages
  • Out-of-office feature and visualization of agents that are away
  • Powerful search feature
  • 7-Day statistics
  • Further statistics on number of tickets and processing time


Customers of a service organization want to be able to submit their requests in as many ways As possible, including email, phone, chat, and SMS, plus they expect to see a quick reaction and solution.The support desk software HelpDeskSmartz allows your customer to contact you in all these ways. To prevent time-consuming follow-up calls, HelpDeskSmartz offers your customers not only a look at the status of their request in the integrated HelpDeskSmartz Customer Portal, but also the option of providing customer feedback.

Precise recording of customer requests and insight into their status – With the HelpDeskSmartz Customer Portal

Offer your customers the possibility to submit their request with as much detail as possible, as well as to define the priority of the request and the corresponding service by using accurate forms. The integrated HelpDeskSmartz Customer Portal gives your customers insight into the status of the request and its progress in order to significantly reduce the number of follow-up calls and Drop “and thus relieve your service desk.” The support desk software HelpDeskSmartz and the integrated HelpDeskSmartz Customer Portal offer you the following features:
  • Individual templates to easily record data and provide further classification
  • Customers can create and manage their requests via web access
  • Browser-based access to own customer web frontend
  • Real-time check of status tickets and their progress, as well as the process history


Managers and helpdesk employees need a clear overview of ticket numbers and time spent working on them to plan accurately and react quickly to trends.In addition to a sophisticated statistics feature, HelpDeskSmartz also enables complex permission management and an audit-proof storage of ticket information. Due to the adaptable queue concept, HelpDeskSmartz can also be used in other, non-IT, departments, improving the communication and business processes of your company as a whole.

Informative statistics at one glance on an hourly basis – The HelpDeskSmartz Management Dashboard

Offer your managers and corresponding employees the perfect overview – with the HelpDeskSmartz Management Dashboard. You can add pre-configured statistic widgets to your Agent Dashboard which will provide you with an hourly overview of the number of tickets in queue or service. The HelpDeskSmartz Management Dashboard offers the following features:
  • Create and configure statistics flexibly
    Different types of diagrams (pie chart, pillar, graphs)
  • Pre-configured stats on the number of tickets in queues and in the system
  • Real-time check of status tickets and their progress, as well as the process history
  • Pre-configured stats on the most time-consuming tickets, plus ability to sort tickets according to solution and response time
  • Extensive reporting on services and SLAs
  • Specific rights to use the dashboard
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