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Maximizing the Advantages of Outsourcing to an Offshore Development Center

Published: May 8, 2021

Since most offices worldwide have shut down indefinitely because of the ongoing pandemic, remote teams have become a much sought-after asset. A number of tech giants are enjoying the many benefits of having teams located in offshore development centers and there are plenty of statistics that suggest the remote work culture and offshore development centers are here to stay.

Here is a list of advantages you’ll be able to enjoy when you outsource work to an offshore development center.

Save On Hiring & Operation Costs

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of having an offshore development center is that it allows you to hire a developer at a much lower cost to the company, and that too, without compromising on skills, experience, or talent, for that matter. Not just that, you won’t even have to worry about seat costs, offering employee perks, insurance or other responsibilities that need to be taken care of when hiring full-time employees.

Curate the Best Talent

Working with a remote team instead of an in-house team also allows you to be as selective as you want when it comes to having people on board. Most restrictions that come along with hiring a full-time employee lose their relevance. Instead of hiring someone who can take care of everything for you, you can pick developers ideal for singular projects. Also, you can be as picky as you wish to be about the skills you are looking for. This works rather effectively if you are looking forward to hiring on short-term contracts.

Enjoy Efficient Communication

Communication automatically becomes a lot more task-oriented and project-focused when working with an offshore development center since the small talk gets cut through. Thanks to the availability of all kinds of communication tools, plans don’t suffer. The time spent on long face-to-face meetings can be channeled towards getting more important things done.

Lower Infrastructure Costs

If you are located in a prime area of one of the popular cities, housing an employee on-site can turn out to be a really costly affair, let alone additional costs such as equipment costs, employee allowances, and more. However, when you choose to work with an offshore development center, your budget remains unaffected by these factors. The money thus saved can be reinvested to pump your projects’ growth in other ways. All this and more without having to compromise on speed or quality of the work done.

Round-the-clock Availability

Increased flexibility boosts employee productivity and since working with an offshore development center, puts office shutdowns and punch-out timings out of the way, it only does you good. The fact that you will always have at least one person on hand at all times can come really handy during the later stages of development – testing, quality analysis, product launch, and more. This stands true for post-launch service and maintenance as well, thus, detrimental in making or breaking the success of a company.

Greater Engagement

Contrary to the popular belief that offshore development centers are not reliable enough; they are as invested in your vision as you are and that is mainly because their income as well as reputation depends directly on how well they perform and the quality of the projects they’ve worked on. A lot of recent studies go on to suggest that remote working teams can enhance the overall productivity of your company by at least 13%.

Expand Your Development Capabilities

A remote development center, by all means, is a great idea as it allows you to focus on expanding your developmental capacities by hiring stronger developers. Other than that, it also gives you enough room to experiment with employees with different skill sets.

The above listed advantages of offshore development centers make it worth giving a shot. Looking for answers to your queries concerning offshore development? Feel free to reach out to us.

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