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Let User Behavior Shape Your Customer Engagement Strategy 

Published: April 16, 2018
Let User Behavior Shape Your Customer Engagement Strategy

When it comes to customer insights, the rise of social media is both a blessing and a curse; a blessing because businesses have an infinite amount of information about their customers right at their fingertips and a curse because they need to sort through a massive amount of data to find out what is meaningful and what is not.

Kevin VP – Digital Marketing

Every Twitter profile, Facebook page, and mobile application means you can have more data about your customers. But if you want to engage your customers, you ought to look beyond the clicks or conversions. Social gaming start-ups figured it out way before others and the credit may go to the immensely talented engineering experts who could interpret complex information. It may even simply be the fierce competition in the world of social gaming that pushed companies such as Zynga to create meaningful insights by interpreting complex

They wisely used customers’ data to improve engagement and fuel their product development. Soon, big brands too began to realize that they could use consumer behavior dynamics to fuel their marketing strategies in ways which would have not been possible a few years ago.


Although there is a huge amount of customer data flowing through the web, it can be an uphill battle for many businesses to garner viewers’ consideration.

Below are a few ways to understand user behavior and develop an effective customer engagement strategy. 

Find Out Where Users Come From 

Buyer engagement is not a random phenomenon. Your SaaS customers did not land on your website out of thin air. They reached your website either due to a backlink in a blog or a referral from friends. Therefore, in order to uncover the motivations of your customers, you have to figure out how they actually ended up on your website. The location origins can help you in developing a buyer path that matches their wishes and pursuits. 

Spot User Inactivity  

Always keep an eye on the actions of your potential customers. Their behavior, not explicitly their current needs, give your SaaS workforce an insight on their buying selections.  For example, a potential customer tells you that he likes your product but does not purchase it. This may leave you bewildered; however, if you closely observe his utilization exercise during the trial, you may get to learn which products interest him.  Product utilization data is very useful for customer engagement. With the right strategies, you may be able to quickly close extra sales. So, take some proactive measures, such as sending retention e-mails or offering one-on-one coaching to lure your potential customers to your website.  

Monitor Users’ Social Media Interactions

Buyer interactions can be seen on different social media channels. Your potential customers may come to learn about your products through Facebook and comment on your post with a question or idea. These social media platforms can turn into one of the most effective mediums of engagement with your potential customers. When they are already talking to their buddies, you can also drop a message. 

A recent Twitter analysis report showed that “when a customer tweets at a business and receives a response, they’re willing to spend 3–20% more on an average-priced item from that business in the future.”  

If your customers complain about a product, reply as soon as possible and share how you can address their concern. Likewise, when they appreciate your products, do not forget to acknowledge their compliment and share their feedback with your SaaS workforce. Just keep in mind that social media engagement is more about studying the user behavior than bragging about your products.  

As a SaaS workforce, closely observe how your customers typically login to your utility and on what occasions they submit a service ticket. Keeping track of these user behaviors will definitely help you shape your customer engagement strategy.

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