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How to Work Coherently with a Third-party Remote Team

Published: October 24, 2018
How to Work Coherently with a Third-party Remote Team

Most people are already familiar with the term ‘freelancing’, where an organization hires freelancers to get certain work done. The work can be related to software development, online and offline marketing, or even handling human resource and payroll on behalf of an organization. It is not necessary that the freelancer is in the same city, state or country as the company they do work for. He/she can be anywhere and can work according to his/her availability.

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Similarly, remote teams are partners of an organization that can be located anywhere in the world. It can be an organization that handles different tasks, or it can be a single person assigned to handle the task, it completely depends on the needs and the objectives of the business. However, there are times when things go south, and the partner-organization business decisions arrive at a disagreement or a disappointment.

What you can do to maintain professional harmony with the remote team

Maintain an open communication channel

Communicate with your cloud team whenever and wherever you want or at least at the right time and right place. Communication gaps can lead to several misunderstandings. For example, if the client’s requirements are not understood clearly by the remote team, they will not be able to provide what is required by the client and this may lead to several back and forth iterations, wasting time and resources. Another way of strengthening your bond with your dedicated team is by trying to meet them personally at least once. When you talk to someone in person, you often have a completely different experience because 93% of communication is non-verbal. Your team is often able to understand you better and can better communicate with you without gaps during your relationship.

Trust your long-distance team

If you can’t trust your team, it will be only problems for both sides. No matter how much effort the dedicated team puts in, you will not be satisfied because of the lack of trust you have in them. Trust plays a very important role here. You do not want to be wondering whether your cloud team is capable of doing the work or not. You want to focus on the product you are delivering, hence you should only hire a remote team if you can trust them. It will save you a lot of time and confusion in long run.

Selecting the remote team for your project needs is important

You should look for multiple opinions, plus the good and bad reviews of the companies that provide outsourcing services. Check the skill and experience of individual team members. Ask if you would be able to build your team as your project requires. Research their earlier projects, are those projects similar to your requirements? If yes, then you have found the right remote team. Just remember that you should keep looking until you are satisfied. You can even ask the organizations whom they have previously done work for to find out if their work was up to the mark or not. All these steps will help you choose the best remote partners for your project.

“If you treat your cloud team as equal, they are likely to work harder for you. They may feel inclined to stay late so they have a longer workday to overlap with you or forego their own national holidays to work to your schedule. Try to empathize with how hard they work to meet your needs rather than point a finger of blame.”

In this advanced era of continuously changing technology, keep in mind that hiring a flexible remote team is going to help you in long run. The team should not be afraid of change. Technology will change, that’s a given. What if you decide to change your user interface, and you had already hired a dedicated team for your existing user interface design and development? If the team is not familiar with the new technologies being used, you may need to hire a new dedicated development team. Whereas hiring a flexible team could have helped you here because they would be aware of the changes and advancements in the technology and would be ready to adapt to the issue.

Managing a distant relationship with a remote team is not much more difficult than managing an in-house team. All you have to do is keep in mind a few things that we discussed here. One more thing that you can make use of occasionally is video conferencing. It allows you to interact with your team members and helps in understanding the situation in a better way. You should also try to provide your instructions through videos because human understand better when he can see what others want.

At Netsmartz, you have the freedom to select the right talent and to build your team according to your needs. Whether it is to develop a software product, provide support for applications, java development services, integrate new solutions with the existing ones, or to help you in your marketing endeavors, we have you covered.

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