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How to Boost Your Site Traffic with SEO Techniques

Published: April 30, 2018
How to Boost Your Site Traffic with SEO Techniques

For driving traffic towards any website, Search Engine Optimization plays a key role. As a result, it is imperative for site owners to execute the most effective techniques which will deliver the expected outcome. Now, you may already be aware of SEO practices overall and wonder what we could say that would be new and different about what would influence visitors coming to a website. Well, we will help shed light on the key aspects that have changed since their emergence and are now more evolved with greater capabilities to satisfy needs.

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A Little Bit of Behind the Scenes

The technology giant Google integrates automatic algorithms to segregate, index and grade an enormous number of websites before you see the list when you perform a search for specific keywords and phrases. To do this in real-time, Google’s engineers send out ‘spiders’ to assess a website based on 100 different parameters and decide if a particular website is authentic, original, valuable and user-friendly. Some of these parameters include domain age, fresh & unique content, site traffic and backlinks.

SEO is Feeding the Spiders

When SEO methods are implemented to a site, the main target is to feed the spiders what they are looking for. It is not a cakewalk; the feeding is a complex and constantly changing process that requires staying updated, modifying indicators and brainstorming. However, not everything is chaotic and there are elements that are still the same since the birth of internet – it is the SEO techniques and procedures.

The key ones that contribute in boosting site traffic are:

Your Business Needs Your Own Domain

You may have not known this, but free websites that add your business name next to their domain, will not give you results with SEO work. Having your own domain adds credibility and to become one of Google’s favorites, your business should have a unique domain as well as hosting space from the very start.

Originality in Your Content

People search with specific words and phrases for products, services, solutions and information they are looking for. Google offer search results that are unique, original and frequently updated. You need to implement this as a strategy and create relevant content to support SEO efforts in bringing your site on top of the search results.

Google is like a problem-solver and if you have answers to those problems in a genuine way, you can expect that your information will be shared widely, thereby achieving better rankings in Google. It can be in the form of descriptions, answers to frequently asked questions, images, videos, blogs and informative articles. Remember that your content is the only thing that will connect you with your target audience. No matter what your business is about, you need to be original – Always.

The Road to Backlinks

Many people have a tendency to explore the unexplored. There will be times when they will be visiting different sites to quench their thirst of information and your content with backlinks will serve the purpose of boosting the site traffic. However, there are aspects one should know about using backlinks. If the site is a popular domain and high in the rankings where you have the backlinks, Google will consider that over others. It means, a single link from a well-known domain name will help to drive more traffic to your site as compared to backlinks added in vague sites. Your backlinks should have the words and phrases inclusive of the keywords. Creating amazing content and posting it on high-ranking third-party sites helps in getting best backlinks.

Business on Social Networks

Among the hundreds of indicators integrated in Google algorithm, a strong social media presence aids in increasing traffic and SEO results, as Google considers a website’s social media presence a key factor of its relevance and influence. When Google crawls thousands of posts, likes, tweets and retweets, it will find out if it is a significant piece of information and will consider it to boost site’s ranking. Thus, what you say about your business on social media by creating content and posts influences your audience to read and share it.

When you talk to veterans of the SEO industry, they very well know that only the best techniques when implemented correctly will deliver expected results. The above information is not just limited to these practices; rather, there are more that are incorporated according to the needs and trends. To stay informed about the changes and developments in the field of Search Engine Optimization, keep watching this space.

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