Dynamics NAV implementation for a leading Network Provider

Netsmartz helped this network provider significantly reduced operating costs, unified different workflows, gained better business insight and increased productivity across the board with our Dynamic NAV implementation.


Our client, a prominent network provider runs high-bandwidth, fiber-based communications networks and related services to schools, governments, carriers, data centers, hospitals, and enterprise business customers throughout the United States. Service offerings include Dark and Lit FiberPrivate Line, Optical Ethernet, Internet Access, Data Center Services and other customized solutions.

  • The client was using multiple systems to manage their business operations and extensively using MS Excel to churn out data from different systems and create reports to facilitate decision making.
  • Their business processes specially Project Accounting and Customer Billing were very complicated and unique. The legacy system was not flexible enough to accommodate such complex processes. Hence there was a lot of extra effort spent outside the system on slicing and dicing the data to generate the right information.
  • Users faced a lot of issues with interfaces, the company needed a system that provided user specific roles and experience.
  • Tax calculation and application on billing was highly complicated in the legacy system. They needed a simple and efficient tax calculation and application feature.
  • The client invests in a lot of capital-intensive projects. All costs spent on these projects are accumulated, capitalized later into specific assets and depreciated over a period of time. They needed a system that could capture and record costs into specific categories and convert them based on cost classification in the future.
  • Strong workflow processes and authorization were followed at multiple levels. They needed a system with a workflow engine to create and apply workflows for complex processes.
  • The company needed a feature to help configure and develop user-specific dashboards.

The company’s business processes are unique and complicated because of the nature of its business. Standard NAV 2013 features accommodate most of the processes the company adopts in its operations. The NAV implementation provides a strong workflow engine and dashboards for specific user roles. This system gets further integrated with the OSS (Operational Support System) to provide operational proficiency, better quality of services and seamless flow of information across the board.

  • Improved insight and better control over operations.
  • Maintenance of profit margins, control of overheads on capital-intensive projects.
  • Enhanced user experience.
  • Improved competitive edge to work effectively with both small and large customers.
  • Reduced overall cost of operations.
  • Seamless flow of information from projects to fixed assets.
  • Configurable workflow system for better control and automation.