What is Xamarin?

About Xamarin

Xamarin is a cross-platform app development tool that allows developers to use C# for creating iOS, Android and Universal Windows apps. The XAML-based framework allows interface design for all 3 platforms to be created in one place. Xamarin is the answer to most developers’ dilemmas when they are coding an app for different platforms since each has their own coding languages and UI conventions.

Where is Xamarin used?

Xamarin is used in the development of cross-platform apps. It is a highly preferred tool since the native UI remains, access to specific-device features is available, and most of all, offers performance comparable with native apps. Sharing code over platforms becomes easy with Xamarin, helping you reduce the overall app development cycle.

Xamarin offers several powerful benefits:
  • Code compiled with Xamarin is dynamic, high-performing and can access all native APIs fully.
  • Xamarin can be combined with integrated development environments (IDEs) – for example, Xamarin Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Xamarin allows you to retain the native UIs across iOS, Android and Windows, if required.
  • Supports performance on multiple devices.
  • Testing is convenient – Xamarin Test Suite will put the mobile app to test on real devices in the cloud.
  • Development is efficient as it is powered with C#.
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