What is a Native Mobile App?

About native mobile apps

Native Mobile Apps are coded in a particular programming language specific to an operating platform. For example, Object C for iOS or Java for Android operating systems. Native mobile apps are fast, reliable and have access to a phone’s various services, such as the contact list and camera. This allows the user to best leverage the features of his phone. Apps can be developed to be run with or without an Internet connection.

Where are native mobile apps used?

Native mobile apps are created to run on their respective platforms, such as iOS, Android and Windows. Native apps can include apps on finance, knowledge, fitness, fashion, shopping, investing, food and more.

Native mobile apps offer several powerful benefits:
  • Native applications are faster and smoother.
  • The aspect ratio remains consistent, so the app displays well on the platform it was designed for.
  • iOS and Android both have specific tools for to deal with everything from designing to testing. This allows them to use hardware features that are not available to many open-source development platforms.
  • Native apps are highly usable with specific functionality and design patterns like zoom and multi-touch are built-in.
  • Native mobile apps behave and look like default apps, so users find them intuitively easy to use.
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