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Employ Delivery Models That Meet the Continuous Challenge of Completing Projects on Time

Published: March 9, 2018

The increasing tendency towards minimizing costs and improving the operational efficiencies triggers a growing number of IT projects. The success or failure of these projects depends on the ability to complete them on time and within budget. As the IT needs of an organization Anup VP – Sales & Marketing change rapidly, it can be disastrous to rely on outdated legacy systems.

Consequently, various companies have started seeking help from the outside to complete IT projects. They often employ the following delivery models:

  • Staff augmentation
  • Project outsourcing
  • Hybrid approach

These models are considered the most suitable approach for employees and project developments. Let us have a look at diverse benefits of these models.

Add more power to IT projects with self-augmentation

Self-augmentation services simply allow an organization to add a temporary employee to the team that will add more power to the IT project, especially when your IT department is lacking a specific set of skills. You can conveniently ramp up or down as your demands change without the cost and liabilities of hiring a full-time employee. After all, it is quite expensive to recruit full-time employees. If you place a new person with the technical knowledge you need in an already structured IT team, it can help everyone to reach the deadlines quickly.

Project outsourcing to utilize resources of third party provider

By utilizing the resources of third party service provider, project outsourcing allows the companies to execute the whole IT project conveniently. Companies need not to hire a development team consisting of new employees, which makes this approach quite cost effective. Additionally, the outsourcing provider will be solely responsible for the adoption, maintenance and enhancement of the software best practices.

Have a quick glance at the advantages of hybrid approach

  • By offloading your team setup and boosting your work to a third-party provider, your tasks will be completed without the hassle of HR, IT and admin.
  • You will find that your team cost will be recurring from month to month unless you decide to scale it up or down.
  • You will get an opportunity to access fresh talent for your project
  • This model is quite profitable, especially when there is shortage of onshore IT skills and there is a continuous challenge of saving costs without compromising quality of the product.

Whether your company needs self-augmentation, project outsourcing or a hybrid approach, you need to consider the following:

  • Objectives and deadlines of your project
  • Areas of expertise of your team
  • Ways to accommodate staff and outsourced workers to create collaboration instead of competition

Although selecting the right delivery model for your company can be a tough decision, don’t be afraid to seek help from an IT consulting firm. Just make sure you look for a vendor who has a good understanding of your business or industry and is known to deliver positive outcomes.

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