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Mobile devices have now become integral part of our day to day life. This rapid growth in mobile devices has also evolved eLearning. With mobile devices, learners have the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere. To take your eLearning courses to next level and to increase the reach and effectiveness, eLearning courses compatible with mobile devices are the way to go.

If you’re still not using mobile learning, it is a missed opportunity to boost employee or client engagement.

Since more people surf the Internet on their mobile devices than computers, now is the best time to implement mobile learning.

mLearning Apps: What we offer

Native mLearning Apps

These apps are explicitly developed and designed to run on a device’s OS, which need to be adjusted for different devices.

Native apps are more effective in terms of user experience, fast and fluid animations, as well as gives full access to device hardware.

  • Available to users offline.
  • Provides an enhanced user experience by making full use of device hardware functionality, such as camera, GPS, audio and video, touch screen functions.
  • LMS Tracking is possible with custom-built SCORM compliant native apps that can be tracked by LMS with mobile-enabled capabilities.
  • LMS Tracking is possible with custom-built SCORM compliant native apps that can be tracked by LMS with mobile-enabled capabilities.
  • Is more secure.

Web mLearning Apps

Web mobile apps are created with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript as the foundation. These apps are distributed through a central online location and can be accessed through a web browser installed on a mobile device. All or some elements of the app are downloaded from the web each time it is being accessed.

  • Provides a responsive learning experience irrespective of the device or operating system.
  • Web apps do not utilize device memory as they are hosted online.
  • SCORM-compliant web apps can easily provide a viable tracking control to mobile enabled LMSs.
  • Web apps can easily be updated as these are distributed through open source.

Hybrid mLearning Apps

Overall, hybrid mobile apps enjoy the best of both worlds – Native and Web. These apps are developed using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and then wrapped in a native application using different platforms. Hybrid app development is faster, simpler and these apps are easier to maintain.

  • Can be run on multiple platforms.
  • Can exploit the device hardware functionality to provide a better user experience.
Our Approach:

Netsmartz has the capability to develop native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps custom-built to meet your specific eLearning requirements. Factors such as app security, offline accessibility, touch-screen functionality, user experience, SCORM compliance and responsive learning requirements are considered before recommending which type of mLearning app would be best for each client.

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