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Dedicated Development Team Hiring Model: a Winning Approach to Outsourcing

Published: March 31, 2021
Dedicated Development Team Model

In these times of rapid development and business growth, many IT companies often consider working with a Dedicated Development Team to get the maximum out of digital transformation.

In fact, most IT consulting firms do this to get access to a vast pool of offshore developers to complete projects faster and achieve high-quality results at a meager cost.

Reason – Faster Time to Market. Lower Overhead Costs. Lesser Attrition.

With global revenues of $23.6 Billion generated from IT outsourcing in recent years, Dedicated Development Teams are coming up as a truly effective option in providing an advantage against competition and kickstarting New, Complex Projects without having to go for regular hiring hassles.

To understand this market trend, let’s start with the essentials first.

Custom software development includes a wide range of activities. In addition to designing, coding, testing, and implementing, it also includes maintenance and agile development of existing products already in the market.

For organizations, Startups or Enterprises, A Winning Outsourcing Strategy often maps on 2 models – a Committed group or a Fixed-cost contract. Much relies on the thing precisely you are searching for and what is your motivation – it could be building from scratch or maintaining a legacy product.

The fixed-cost contract gives standard innovations and nitty-gritty programming particulars at a fixed cost, which implies that you have every one of the prerequisites characterized prior to beginning the work.

The devoted designer contract on the other hand permits select IT experts to join their in-house group for an all-inclusive timeframe. Subsequently, the absolute expense of the undertaking will rely upon the errands allocated.

Here, in this blog, we will look at everything related to Dedicated Development teams for your software development project – and things you must consider to craft your own fruitful arrangement.

The Basics First –

What is a Dedicated Development Team Model?

Basically, this model is a type of IT rethinking where an organization uses a merchant to employ a dedicated development team for different web and programming advancement projects.

The Agency/Organization roped in for the work sets up a team of professionals committed to their customer’s undertakings alone – that could mean standalone developer teams or the complete Project Team packages. The organization recruiting this dedicated team has the opportunity to pick appropriate up-and-comers from a rundown of accessible profiles and appoint every one of them, either explicit errands or whole ventures.

Our insights and experience showcase that often larger projects are assigned to these sorts of Dedicated Teams – due to their flexibility and cost advantages.

The Advantages of Dedicated Team Model

The vital advantages of working with devoted improvement groups are that you get the ideal blend of expert responsibility, progressed abilities, and reasonable costs. These groups function as an expansion of your labor force.

The several obvious advantages include –


One of the main advantages of the dedicated team model is cost-effectiveness. Hiring a dedicated outsourced team is better than forming an internal team, as it takes lots of effort, time, and money to search for the right talent, get them trained and hooked with the project and maintain oversight while reducing attrition.

And, that too isn’t guaranteed that the team will be 100% fit for your project.

The DT model offers a potential solution because the collaboration between the client and targeted team members allows the entire process to proceed quickly and smoothly.

This collaborative model is ideal for projects that continually evolve in response to changing technological and market trends. Thus, helping companies to spend more time focusing on the project itself or other core activities and save money on other vital processes such as technology research and business analytics.

This collaborative model is ideal for projects that continually evolve in response to changing technological and market trends. Click To Tweet

Focusing on Tasks and Adaptability

The Dedicated Teams model is known for applying the focused approach.

Companies get a team that is focused on the project without being distracted. Increased immersion into the project focuses on the thing, which generates much more diverse and inventive insights into the possible solutions.

A focused approach also improves adaptability. The team can restructure the model at each level of the project development as per business requirements.

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Brings More Control

Customers have complete control over the selection, management, and motivation of dedicated team members. The dedicated team model allows you to manage professionals, equipment, resources, project managers, and infrastructure with the advanced skills and knowledge you need for your projects.

Admittance to Global Talent

IT organizations hoping to enlist a dedicated development team from India is a solid and valid example. The experts are fit for delivering best-in-class tech & software solutions at nearly lower costs. A group of committed designers can likewise step into co-form structures with your in-house IT group while preparing your representatives to work with them.

Unlimited oversight

A ton of times, organizations avoid working with distant groups out of the dread that they will most likely be unable to control the result of such activities the ideal way. In any case, when a Dedicated Team model is upheld by solid, reliable correspondence from the customer just as the team, the outcomes can be shockingly proficient.

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We’ve looked at the advantages and the essentials. Let’s have a go at how you can set up a Dedicated Team for your IT/Software Ventures –

Step-by-step Guide to build your Dedicated Development Team

While building a dedicated software dev team, you want to find a reliable software developer with the skills to make your project a success. This process involves two key stakeholders – the customer and the provider. The responsibilities are typically divided as follows:

  • The provider takes care of talent acquisition, backend, IT infrastructure, retention of dedicated software developers, management, payroll, documentation, team building, and social benefits.
  • The customer is responsible for project scope, team performance measurement, communication, and corporate culture establishment.

Now that we have defined each party’s responsibilities, let’s check out the four crucial steps you need to consider:

Define your project needs: Before choosing the provider, your team should determine the technology stack, prioritize functionality, and allow the provider to form a dedicated development team based on their needs.

Interview Candidates: The hiring process typically involves several interviews. A team of providers first selects candidates. Then, the process includes HR interviews, including technical and staff. Candidates who clear the process are then handed over to the customer for the final interview.

As you do this, make sure that you map the response, skill level and communication of the Agency providing you the Team. Any major red flag must be noted and be considered before finalizing the gig.

Launch your team: A dedicated development team can be a success with a careful selection of team members. At this point, a lot depends on participation in the project. Set up a process and stay in regular contact via communication with team members.

At this point, you must focus on setting up certain mandates around deliveries – preferably milestones around deadlines and output to ensure that you are getting what you need.

On-time Meetings: To keep a regular check on the team performance, organize time-to-time meeting sessions via zoom call to have face-to-face interaction. It helps you get a broader picture of how they are doing and facing any issues.

Netsmartz Dedicated Team Model in Action

With 20 years of Delivery Experience, International awards and several Happy clients across the globe, we can claim that we’ve perfected the Dedicated Teams Model – whether it be an Offshore or Nearshore arrangement.

Netsmartz has extensive experience building dedicated development teams based on customer projects. Coordinating with the customer, we start searching and shortlisting the candidate’s profile the way customers want. Also, we offer Teams On-Demand from a Pre-vetted Talent Pool of Elite Software Experts/Developers who meet the needs and standards of our customers.


A dedicated development team is definitely the right approach for companies of all sizes.

What you want to get done is then entirely your preference.

To conclude, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for software development. For some situations, it is best to use an in-house software development team.

A dedicated team however, can also be a great solution, especially if you want to quickly expand your internal team and reduce the additional costs associated with your internal team.

Might as well consider moving quicker with a Dedicated Team in this dynamic environment!

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