Customized Software for Healthcare Businesses

For efficiency and accuracy in the field of healthcare, you need an effective software solution. Undoubtedly, Healthcare is one of the most significant industries worldwide. Although practices, hospitals and other organizations put their best efforts into providing the best healthcare possible, they have yet to deal with the many challenges in coordinating the quality of care and enhancing productivity. Thus, Netsmartz can provide you with the custom solutions containing the tools you need, help you avoid downtime and allow for easy access and convenient reporting, including:

Our Experience in Healthcare Software Solutions

Pertaining to saving lives and nurturing the health of patients, Netsmartz has come up with a unique software solution to aid hospitals, assisted living communities, private clinics, home care agencies and healthcare companies to manage number of processes. such as –

  • Recording patient information on health events
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Sale/purchase and inventory of medical supplies management
  • Laboratory and medical equipment management
  • Billing, invoicing and payments
  • Managing medical and non-medical staff
  • Checking the service quality at different levels of healthcare
  • More attuned patient sensitivity
  • Enhanced awareness for community
  • Improved patient communication

Software Solution with Well-being at its Core

  • Improved quality of care
    The software helps improve the quality of care due to its customized features and capabilities. It includes the process of data interpretation, patient diagnosis and clinical protocols. No more paperwork. All the information and data is controlled with security-enabled access protocols, thus helping to manage patients’ health records, care coordination and automated tasks allocation to the staff.
  • Reduced costs
    Our healthcare software automatically displays information regarding the treatment and other vitals (body temperature, blood pressure, pulse (heart rate) and breathing rate) of the patient when needed. With the use of paperless electronic systems, the hassle of printing out test results and information is not required, significantly reducing the wastage of paper.
  • Provides patients with visual perspective
    Software allows healthcare professionals to have a better overall view of each patient. It is a convenient and quick way to search for a patient’s history and other information on record whenever required.
  • Accessibility of the patient
    The software supports the patients in navigating their lives in a beneficial manner. Moreover, the healthcare providers can stay in contact with patients easily. Not only can they communicate effectively, but they can also provide the patients with material they need.
  • Software that Adheres to HIPAA Compliance
    Our customized software solution is an integrated system that helps manage your HIPAA compliance requirements efficiently and effectively. The Solution maintains the HIPAA compliance hierarchy, including regulations, processes, assets, risks and controls. Integrated reporting tools enable you to track each stage of compliance in real time. HIPAA is a way to ensure health information is secure and to meet the challenges of increased costs, extensive documentation and constant tracking of regulatory updates.

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