Working with a Cloud Employee

No, we are not a Freelancer site. All our employees are working with us full time and you hire them for a fixed term. Our employees work from any of our 8 global locations.
We encourage clients to visit our offices to meet and spend time with their Cloud Employee(s). We’ve made sure that our offices are well-equipped and always welcoming to our clients.
Netsmartz offers 3 engagement models:
  • Cloud Employee Model – A Cloud Employee is an expert software professional we will make available to you, who will be dedicated to your project exclusively. This could be a single individual or a team. The Cloud employee can work onsite, offshore or on a hybrid model, think of it as one of resource working from a different city or from a home office.
  • Project Based Model – The Project Based Model is a time-bound engagement model effective for projects where requirements are not likely to change during the development process.
  • Scrum Team Model – The Scrum Team Model is meant for times when you need an expert team of professionals for short periods of development work. For e.g. they could work on one module of your software or a phase of development where you need to ramp up the speed of product development. They could be used to deliver a sprint if you are familiar with the agile model of software development
For more information about our engagement models please visit
  • We provide world class infrastructure throughout our 8 global locations. Take a tour of one of our world class facility
  • The employees are equipped with the latest hardware and software tools, licensed development tools, fast internet connection for video and voice calls. A work-life balance approach, with a motto of “Work Hard Party harder” We encourage you to look at
  • A technical helpdesk to reach out if they need any guidance.
  • We shortlist and technically screen the cloud employee matching your requirement and mentor them regularly, so they stay motivated on your project.
  • You set out your rules and regulations for us and your employee, and we supervise and handle any non-work-related issues.
  • No hiring/HR/Payroll costs on you, all covered by us.

    Simple 4 step process:

  • Let us know your requirements (technology stack, experience level etc)
  • Interview our developers
  • Select and hire the best
  • Define your terms and get started

Yes absolutely, share with us and we will provide a solution. Netsmartz currently works on 50+ technologies, has worked with more than 30+ verticals so I am sure we will be able to cater to most of it. Even if we don’t have one immediately we should be able to ramp up immediately.

No, we take care of all the non-work-related issues such as local licensing, permits, and taxes. We handle all human resource management of your Cloud Employee.

A dedicated Cloud Employees works directly underneath the client. Each employee you hire works exclusively for you. The Cloud Employee is part of your team just working from a different location. Many clients start with one employee and then form a team. A team typically consists of a technical lead to manage the other staff. You communicate with your technical lead and if needed with other members as well. The technical lead can work from your office onsite with you.

Skill Sets
We can provide you employees with a range of computer programming languages. We have an enormous employee pool in technologies such as PHP,NET, Ruby on Rails, Python, iOS, Android, PWA, Dynamics CRM & ERP, Angular JS, Node JS, React JS, Java. Apart from technical resources we also provide support resources to handle your sales and marketing efforts as well as product L1 support and maintenance.
We currently have over 1000+ Employees working from our 8 global locations.
Absolutely. All our staff hold university degrees and typically take English modules to further their language skills.
No, you will find all our Employees proficient in English. They represent your business and will never mention Netsmartz, we will fully white label you.
All employees are hired by Netsmartz on a permanent basis. The resource you choose to work on your project becomes your dedicated employee housed in our supervised offices. Your contract will be direct with Netsmartz LLC, a US Based company.
Yes, this is not a problem. In fact, we encourage this and have VNC Viewer and TeamViewer readily available to see them do it live. Just in case you can’t see them live, then we ask our developer to get on a video call with you and explain the code they have written.
Yes, we provide free technical trials for 1 week.
We typically supply full-time Employees working 160 hours per month. However, we can also provide part-time staff on a T&M basis.
I can schedule a call with my VP to discuss your job role specifications. Our team will then implement the recruitment process. This normally takes 1 to 2 weeks but depending on the skill-set you require we can have this accomplished in as early as 2 to 3 days.
Yes. Think of us as your very own office. We can create a team for you as well as offer center of excellence and dedicated labs within our infrastructure if the team size is 10 or more.
We require the following in advance:
  • Signed contract with Netsmartz
  • We will raise the invoice for the first 160 hours.
Within 5 working days of signing the contract and paying the 1st-month fee.
Termination of my Cloud Employee
We require 30 days written a notice of the termination. Replacements are also available at any time should you become dissatisfied with your team member and the situation cannot be improved.
Yes, we have over 500,000 sq. feet of space in our 8 global offices. We can scale up or down according to your requirements. We ensure your entire team works in the same office together for better communication. For team sizes above 10, we also create a dedicated lab with your branding.
With 1000+ employees, we maintain 5% bench and that allows us to scale up almost immediately for most common technologies.
We provide all the latest hardware and software.

    Hardware includes:

  • Powerful PCs and laptops (including MAC’s)
  • Dual Screen systems
  • TFT monitors
  • Fax machine, scanners, and printers
  • Skype webcams
  • Headphones
  • Grand stream Desk Phones
  • Our conference rooms are equipped with latest VOIP hardware and video conferencing systems with overhead projectors.

Software includes:

  • Licensed office software
  • Windows OS
  • Mac OS
  • Licensed Development & Design Tools

Note: If you want a specific hardware and software configuration of your employee machine, then that can also be provided.

Our services are prepaid at the beginning of each month.
Billing Schedule
Netsmartz expects payment receipt the start of each month. If an employee starts working on the 10th of April we would expect payment to be made prior to the 10th of each month.
Clients can set up standing orders or pay via bank transfer. We also accept payments via Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.

Prices range from US$20 to US$150 per hour depending on the skill-set and experience of the developer as well as from which location you want your cloud employee to work from. Our margins are fixed and inclusive of Recruitment, On-site Account Manager, Facilities, Office-Space, HR, Payroll etc.

** disclose rates only once rec is absolutely clear

Working with a Cloud Employee

    We provide the following tools to your “employee” so you can easily communicate:

  • Skype for business
  • Local US number of your state
  • Jira PM Tool for tasking and daily updates
We monitor your employee’s attendance, ensure they are working professionally, in accordance with any of your instructions such as blocked websites etc. and are supplied with hardware, software and fast internet connections to work efficiently remotely. We do not, however, monitor their daily work output and progress. The employee’s work is monitored and supervised by you, the client or by our project manager if the team size is 5 or more.

Our model cuts out the agency middleman allowing you to manage your staff directly ‘day to day’ as though they are in your offices. We are, however, on-site to ensure your employee is working at par with your standards. We also provide him with technical support from seniors within the organization as well as mentoring and counseling sessions from our experts.
We will continue to supply you with vetted developers of your choice until you are happy.
Yes, we are more than happy for employers to spend time in our offices. We are an extension of your own offices and this is a good chance for you to further get to know your employee or team. If you decide to visit any of our offices, you will be our guest from the time you land.
Yes, we allow that and we can discuss logistics for the trip on a case by case basis.
We pride ourselves on being an extension of our clients’ offices and have teams of 2, 5, 10, 25, and up, so it all depends on your requirement and we can easily scale up and down.
Yes, we will show you past work of our Employees as part of our referencing process.
Your Employee can work the same hours as your employees do in your own office.
Data Security
As a USA company, we are governed by USA laws regarding data protection. Our contract is very protective of you, the client. We are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 CERTIFIED for information Security and follow a stringent process to control this. Our managers are ever present to monitor your employee, but in addition to this, there are other ways we can protect your data.

  • All your data can be stored on your servers in your office. Your Employee only has remote access to the data whilst at work, and does not have any of your data saved on our office PC’s unless you allow it.
  • Your data can be stored on Employee’s servers and so again the employee only has access to the data whilst at work and none of the data is accessible when they are out of the office.
  • USB ports, printers, CD-ROMs, and personal e-mail are disabled from your employee’s PC so that nothing can be duplicated, sent on, or taken home.
  • Software such as SpectorSoft is installed on your employee’s PC that monitors exactly what they do. So, you can check the logs at any moment in time.
The number one priority of Netsmartz is safeguarding a client’s data and valuable intellectual property and we offer protection methods of working with your Employee. Thin-Client Solution. The client’s Employee can work in a virtual environment in which your employee’s PC and keyboard are connected directly to your systems. This ensures that all your valuable intellectual property gets stored directly on your server back home and not on the employee’s PC or desktop here.
  • You may request our IT staff to disable certain applications, software and personal webmail’s in your virtual employee’s PC or laptop. You may even request that your virtual employee is denied access to certain websites.
  • You may also request to disable all external drives and accessories on an employee’s system (such as pen drives, CDs and DVDs, etc.).
  • Netsmartz - ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
  • Netsmartz - ISO/IEC 27001 Certified Company
  • Netsmartz - Microsoft Partner Silver Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Netsmartz - iOS Certified Developers
  • Netsmartz - Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner
  • Netsmartz - Microsoft Partner Gold Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Netsmartz - Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)
  • Netsmartz - CMMI Level 3

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