Competitive ability and efficiency are more important now than at any other time in the history of the automotive industry. Automotive manufacturers are under enormous pressure to keep prices low while coming out with new vehicles that excite the ever-changing demands of the consumer. This market pressure requires automotive suppliers to effectively address a host of challenges. Concerns include providing visibility into production practices, solving the logistical problems of doing business globally, creating the transparency required to integrate offshore production facilities, getting the real-time information required to make global supply-chain processes run smoothly, and controlling expenses in the face of rising energy costs and escalating employee wages and benefit expenses. Microsoft Dynamics business software provides powerful and flexible manufacturing, financial, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that support lean business processes-making it the ideal system to help you meet these challenges. Microsoft and its partners deliver systems that can help you shrink development cycles, respond quickly to customer trends, comply with changing regulations, and compete globally. With the right technology in place, you can run your business in ways that can help improve operations, open visibility into the supply chain, and increase your competitiveness.

Microsoft Dynamics can help your company achieve:

Efficient operations management:
Lean is becoming a way of life in the automotive supply industry. Taking out waste across your operations should be pervasive throughout your company. Microsoft Dynamics solutions can help streamline operations by integrating lean manufacturing processes into your business systems that reach all the way back to your suppliers, reducing manual steps, and giving your people the real-time visibility required to make decisions that keep your company ahead of today’s fast-paced marketplace.
Smooth supply-chain operations:
With Microsoft Dynamics, your people can use the desktop tools they know and understand to gain visibility into customer demand. In this way, your operations people and your suppliers are helped to anticipate supply-chain problems before they arise and to drive your business based more on customer demand.
Streamlined engineering:
Engineering in today’s marketplace means automotive suppliers are often collaborating with customers and other suppliers around the globe. Microsoft Dynamics solutions collaboration tools help your designs flow more easily into manufacturing and procurement, enabling you to efficiently beat the aggressive timelines of new product development.
Responsiveness to market demands:
In the end, the automotive consumer drives demand for new and exciting models. To meet this demand, automotive manufacturers must work faster than ever before to bring new and updated models to market. This imperative places large challenges on the automotive supplier who is trying to keep up with the manufacturers’ need for change-and can be facilitated by Microsoft Dynamics
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