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Umesh Goyal Vice President

During his extensive career of 17 years in the IT industry, Umesh has helped multiple businesses seamlessly adopt cloud, establish offshore delivery centers, developed IT services in pay-as-you-go model, improve performance of IT, and optimize cost of IT investments. He is equipped with the relevant industry recognized certifications in Networking, DevOps, AWS and Azure. As an acknowledged industry leader, he has trained and mentored number of IT experts throughout his tenure. eLearning enthusiast Umesh is the Vice President of the eLearning Division at Netsmartz. Umesh is an energetic & self-driven professional with a strong background in developing custom eLearning solutions for some of the big brands and organizations from different industries and verticals. He thinks inside-out and strives to add value by helping people understand the convergence of learning. Umesh is a consultant, researcher, speaker, author, auditor, and a go-to person for strategic guidance. He loves exploring and blogging about innovations in eLearning for the new-age corporate sector.