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7 Risks to Avoid When Hiring a Remote Software Development Team

Published: April 17, 2020
Hiring a Remote Software Development Team

The advantages of hiring a remote software development team are generally known. The hiring of professional software developers experienced in the most up-to-date technologies can be very complicated, and remote outsourcing provides companies with wider access to a talented pool of software developers.
Not only does remote hiring allow organizations to choose from experienced individuals equipped with required technical proficiency, but it also helps organizations in saving their money. Abolishing the risks and expenditures connected with the growing number of full-time workers may be a crucial subject of survival for new companies or startups executing with low budgets and/or elevated start-up expenses.

7 Big Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring a Remote Software Development Squad

Apart from identifying the several benefits of hiring a remote software development team, it is also essential to bear in mind that it is not always a simple and trouble-free process. There are some possible risks to be familiar with before going to a remote hire. Read on to learn about such risks to avoid if you are opting for global remote hiring:
1. Language Barriers – Based on the location that you prefer for global remote hiring, generally language barrier comes as the most concerning matter. Understanding and communicating technological terms and specifications can often be very complex even when using the same language to communicate.
2. Different Time Zones – The major difference between the time zones of different countries is another most important challenge while hiring remote working staff from different countries. For example, some organizations make use of agile development with scrum. These types of organizations can avail maximum benefits from the workers situated in the same or a comparable time zone.
On the other hand, countries such as India and China are located in far distant time zones that further make work cooperation very hard per day, so it will be wise to go for nearshore positions for a better remote hiring solution.
3. Cultural Barriers – Suppose if you have a U.S. based organization, undoubtedly you will be aware of the main U.S. holidays and the way these local incidents will impact on your business’ standard work calendar. However, if you choose a remote global location for hiring software developers for your organization, you will have to face totally new holiday patterns and another cultural background divergence around what states “a typical work week” that will further affect your project time limits and overall business output.
4. The danger of Far Distant Locations – There is a famous universal quote – “out of sight, out of mind.” This quote sometimes becomes factual while hiring a team of remote software developers. It might be risky to hire a team of such developers located at far distant locations. Not only is it probable for you to overlook that the remote support is available out there, and to underutilize this support, but far away positions can make usual communication, covering work updates further difficult.
5. Employee Retention Rate and Turnover – When hiring a remote workforce, it is crucial to know about employee turnover. You can only access the best software developers from a company that has a high employee retention rate and low turnover. Such developers will not only help you to complete your project on time but will also be responsible for developing quality code.
6. Safety Concerns – It is apparent that the safety concerns will always affect local workers who are running your projects. These concerns may also affect whether you or a developer of your team is capable of visiting your remote software developers. There are many important aspects such as militarization, domestic, local and global divergence, public security that are vital to know as you select a remote offshore partner.
7. Technical Infrastructure – Despite the fact that your internet connection may be regularly flawless at your present business location, several other locations across the globe may have access to unbalanced technical infrastructures such as inconsistent internet connection and repeated power outages. Thus, it is essential to wisely choose a location equipped with a sound technical infrastructure while hiring a remote software development workforce.
Thus, one of the best-preferred criteria to hire a dedicated remote software development team is to keep in mind afore-shared risks so as your experience with a remote workforce is as optimistic and fruitful as possible.
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