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4 Tips for Hiring the Right Remote Employees

Published: April 17, 2020
Tips for Hiring the Right Remote Employees

Hiring or recruiting remote employees? Do it the right and wise way. No one can stand an empire all by him or herself. We all know that very well. However, we also know that we can’t wear all the hats as it would drive us crazy while striving to grow our business. So the probability is, we’re hiring remote employees in today’s world of remote work.

Here are 4 important tips to follow while hiring remote employees:

1. Opt for the Right Qualities Wisely
It is necessary to wisely look into the qualities and skills of remote employees while opting for them. Many remote employees are available today, but the fact is that not every remote worker holds the right blend of skills and knowledge in tune with your project requirements. Make sure to look for employees who have those particular skills and experience. In other words, it is better to choose one who claims to be a jack of only one trade instead of hiring a jack of all trades but master of none.
Before you begin with an interviewing and recruiting process, here we have compiled a list of some must-have qualities, skills and experience that you should look into a remote worker you’re going to hire for your field:
• Independent self-starters
• Trustworthy, reliable and well-organized
• Innovative and tech-savvy
• Technical expertise to solve problems without external support
• Experts in all types of communications

2. Prefer & Implement the Right Hiring Approach
Your screening procedure with remote candidates will initiate from your initial contact with them. For example, in how much time they respond to your calls, queries and emails? Or, are they proficient in communicating clearly via writing and over the call? It would also be wise if you prefer a video interview so as to judge remote applicants for their technical knowledge, such as how well they apply their technology.

3. Deliver an Outstanding Experience to Remote Candidates
Try to deliver an amazing experience to remote candidates during your interview based hiring procedure. It is the best way to take away your remote candidates’ hesitations and make them feel more comfortable to show their real talent. Moreover, a face-to-face interview helps you to assess the body language and eye contact, similar to an on-site interview.
In addition, you can show your office to your remote candidates by using a camera like a virtual distant office tour. Don’t hide your work culture’s ins and out from your remote employees. It will encourage them to open up to you more frankly and honestly, result into an effective screening of their talent.

4. Carefully Assess Candidates by Raising Right Questions
It is beneficial to ask the right questions to assess the proficiency level of remote employees specifically in the field for which you’re going to hire them. For instance:
• Raise a question that helps you to judge a remote employee’s level of self-direction and managerial capabilities.
• Ask for particular circumstances when they have to work independently as well as to imply strategies for better time management.
• Raise questions that help you to evaluate your candidate’s communication ability or ask for instance of when he or she was solely accountable for proactively explaining the status on a project.
• Inquire your applicants about the technical tools they utilized to work from a remote position in the earlier period.
• Confirm about the hours for which they can comfortably work from home and how they tackle distractions and other hassles when working from a remote location.
These tips will definitely help you in recruiting and hiring the right employees that can make a difference in your company. All the best for you business!
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